How deep is too deep…

Sexual innuendos aside when taking on the Avocado Problem we have been caught short on a lot of things we take for granted. Tea and coffee being the big ones.

We drink Barry’s Tea, which is blended here in Cork City, and I also drink a brand of Italian coffee. However they don’t grow the tea in Ireland; and coffee isn’t grown in Italy. Tea growing has certainly been a thing of contention since some prick threw some in the sea off Boston.

A lot of Tea blenders make a point of saying how ethical (same with coffee) they are but this exercise is about being sustainable. And there isn’t really a way to grow tea or coffee in Ireland to meet demand that can remain sustainable.

Tea can be grown in warm, humid climates with a lot of rain. Sounds a lot like Ireland. HOWEVER, the tropics have the benefit of the climate all year around. Ireland remains humid but from November to around May (that was the last frost we got this year) it gets bloody cold and infuriatingly windy.

For coffee it appears to be all about altitude as well as being in the tropics. So if climate change goes the right (wrong?) way we might find some coffee plantations on the slopes of Carrauntoohil.

Strike coffee off the list, but could I grow my own tea here? Looks like an adventure in poly-tunnels for me.

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Living on a mountain in Ireland. Working towards being self-sufficient but starting with a conscious effort towards sustainability.

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